Thursday, 5 January 2012

This is video about our discussion group ;)


Ok first my lecture gave me this project, I didn’t really know what kind of project is this, I just know we should learn about the case from many papers that he gave us, during the presentation day, I still didn’t open and read the papers hehehe, I even didn’t remember about that, because I had a lot of things to do. But not long after that my group made appointment to discuss that case, so we discuss it together, we found a summary of that case and we learned about that case deeply, finally we finished and ready for presentation. But one day the lecture warned us about the presentation day and that day he also told us if the presentation group should include 6 groups , so that a 2 groups should separate with the others. I thought my group still consist with the member before until 2 member of my group made a decision to separated. When they told if they wanna go to another group is not be a problem to me, but it makes someone in my group became angry. Why? Because of we already prepared it and very ready to a presentation day, but when some of them said wanna go out, it make a messy things happen in our team. But finally we can handle it. We separated and we made a new team, for the first I thought it’s not a ready team because we didn’t had time anymore to prepared with this new team, so we just prepared each of us not team. But for me, no matter the team, as long as you can cooperated with them. So when the presentation day, I very nervous you know! Because before it I had programming test and after that I had digital logic test also, so it’s kind like a WHAT A DAY for me, 3 test in one day ! so when a presentation day begin, nervous came to me, because I thought we got a very hard question -____- about making a SWOT of Symbian, swot is stand for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats. So we got a time to discuss about that. We devided it, I got to find a weakness of Symbian. After we finished answer our questions, we wait for our turn, we get number 8. It’s good for me got number 8 because I can saw of the contestant’s ability to explain so everyone of them who explained I can learn from it. So when our turn came and especially my turn, I answer it very loudly and very confidently. And you know whaaaat? I get applause from that, hehehehe :D and after the presentation finished, we took a photo and lecture also said to us if it will be a best group. I hope it was our group but I’m not too hopeful. And when the day hahahaha can you imagine it, WE GOT A BEST GROUP AND I GOT A STANDING PERSON ! hahahaha I’m very excited you know. From that they I got a moral value if nothing is impossible, just believe you can so you can. Like our group did, however we separated but we still can did it with a new team ! so keep confident !!!